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Will you have to pay taxes if buying cigarettes from overseas?

Nowadays approximately 65% of smokers prefer to buy cigarettes from overseas companies as the cigarettes they buy from there are quite cheaper than in their country, state or city. It is worth to mention that another 10% – 15% of smokers would gladly buy their cigarettes from overseas too as it is cheaper, but they are afraid of having to pay taxes and don’t risk. For sure, they would like to order from overseas and pay less for cigarettes but the idea of paying taxes makes them doubt.
buying cigarettes from overseas?

If you live, for example, in the USA and wish to buy your cigarettes from overseas, you won’t have to pay any taxes. Why? As the company you ordered from is based outside the USA it does not subject to the USA legislation and does not have to report about your purchases or give your personal information to any agencies and authorities. It is also a very important fact that no one can force this overseas company to report about the customer who bought from them. Consequently, the customer won’t have to pay any additional taxes ordering from overseas companies. There is not any other way the authorities can find out about the customer who purchased his cigarettes on-line from overseas. Moreover, why would this overseas company report its customer and make him pay the taxes? It’s obvious that if the customer is reported he won’t order anymore from that company. So, overseas companies are not interested in loosing their clients that is why they protect their customers’ information and identity. It is very important that they do not share customer’s personal data to any third parties and do not even keep it. Thus, customers who buy cigarettes on-line from overseas remain unknown and no one can determine them and impose to pay taxes for the cigarettes they ordered.

Of course, there are people who say that his father or her sister-in-law received a letter from the Department of Taxation of his/her state about having to pay taxes for the cigarettes ordered on-line from overseas. In the majority of cases these people don’t tell the truth. Firstly, pay attention that this is not their experience but they gladly share it with everyone. Their goal is to make smokers be afraid to order from overseas and buy from their own city or state. Secondly, smokers who ordered cigarettes on-line from overseas usually write a denial for such statements as they know that this is not true.

Think why 65% of customers buy cigarettes from overseas? They are not afraid to pay taxes or prefer to risk their money? Of course, no! They understand very well that an overseas company does not have to comply with the requirements of another country. Moreover, there is a chance that an overseas company doesn’t know these requirements as it can’t be acquainted with the demands of each country. Customers who buy their cigarettes on-line from an overseas company do not risk their money, it’s vice versa, they save their money as buying cigarettes from overseas is cheaper.

Today Internet area offers a great variety of places where you can buy your cigarettes. There are hundreds of on-line cigarette stores and all they differ from one another. Overseas cigarette companies are very popular among smokers. People order from abroad and do not pay taxes. They choose overseas companies because they can buy cheap quality cigarettes and save money. So, don’t be afraid to order from overseas as you won’t have to pay any taxes.


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